Do You Like to Classify

Classification essays are one of many types of essays, which students of all educational establishments have to write during their process of education. The name of the essay characterizes the nature of this type of essay.

Classification essays contain classifications of different things or phenomena. Is it easy to create a classification? Sometimes it is easy; in other case, it may not be very easy. First of all, it is necessary to remember that classification should be made according to clear criteria and every part of classification should be confirmed by reasonable example. The process of classification depends upon the object of classification. Almost everything can be classified, the main thing it to find criteria according to which it is possible to make a classification.

If for example you are going to write classification essay about coffee, then you can be sure that on this theme it is possible to write several classification essays. The first classification, which can be composed about coffee, is coffee varieties. There are such coffee varieties as coffee Arabica, coffee Robusta, and coffee Liberica. These varieties are distinguished by geographical position and taste difference. As you might know, the most popular among these three varieties is coffee Arabica. If it is so popular, it is obvious that it is impossible that there is only one type of coffee Arabica and it is true. There is certain number of coffee Arabica types, which are distinguished. The main criterion according to which it is possible to make a classification of coffee Arabica types is geographical position. These types are distinguished by the place where this coffee is cultivated.