Dissertation-maker.com Review

Info about site

This company is capable of creating some very high quality work by using some fantastic writers. They do not use templates as they know how suspicious they look when they are handed in to academic institutions. This company always passes plagiarism tests when you run their work through them. Getting your own 100% unique content is easy if you order from this company. This company is not going to try and pass off rewritten work as their own in any way. One of their great security measures involves deleting your written project from their network and servers. This makes it impossible for hackers and malcontents to steal and use the work.


It is hard to pick any sort of fault with the usability of the website or of the service in any way. They are very good about giving you details about their writers, the company, and what you are investing your money in. This sort of honesty and openness is very reassuring. To make the website a little more usable, they have added in graphics, images and tools. These help you to navigate the website, to get a quote and to make the website easier to use. A substantial element of a websites usability is based upon how quickly it loads. This website is not going to subject you to having to wait for it to load, as it loads very quickly.


They offer you a great service at a fantastic price. If you are looking for good value then you have found it. A shorter deadline is going to cost you more money than if you give them more time to complete the paper. Be ready to pay less if your due date is somewhat longer, as the later you need your paper then the less you pay. If you are wondering how much it will cost, then enter your details into the pricing tool and get a quote. If your essay or paper is something that a less qualified individual could compose, then they will charge you a lot less. You will have to pay much more for a higher scoring piece of work as oppose to a passing grade piece. Your project is going to cost more money if you ask the writer to write more pages for you.

Discounts and Freebies

They offer you a free outline, free e-mail delivery, free formatting, a free title page, a free bibliography and free amendments. The freebies in this case are just icing on the cake. They save you a job of having to do it yourself. It is like the gift wrapping, as the real prize is within the content itself. You may enjoy the five percent discount if you order 1-51 pages for you writing project. If you want the 10% discount, you are going to need to request 51-100 pages. In order to get the 15% discount, you will have to purchase 101+ pages. The discount scheme is very good in this case, as you will see when you get a quote.

Support for customers

Investigate the site first instead of just running off and contacting their support network. There is more than enough data on the site that you can use in place of making contact with their support staff. The support system is very effective. It is very easy to get answer to your questions in a timely manner. With their customer support network set up, you have the option of calling them, keeping in mind that this is what you do if you want a faster response. You can utilize their online chat functions to talk online with an individual staff member, or you can send your inquiry through the website itself. The essay writing company will then answer to you by means of an email message that normally arrives within one or two working days.

Additional Features

Some of their more esteemed writers have been published, and some of their writers are quite well known in the academic community. They are quite proud of their writers records. They can take on any written task, but they do really excel when it comes to dissertations. Their writers spend all day writing dissertations, so they are better at constructing them than the people who actually mark them.