Dissertation-writing-help.org Review

Info about site

Great writers may be the reason why this company is able to produce such high quality content. Submitting their work as your own is a lot easier since their work is all custom written by their writers. Plagiarism tests will be passed 100% if you try running your work from this company through them. It has been known for unscrupulous writing companies to pass off the work they have done in the past as newly written work, but this service has strict protocols that make it impossible for a writer to try this. You may rest assured that they do not keep your written work once they have completed the transaction. It is deleted from the network and the servers to ensure its security.


Usability wise the website is fantastic in just about every element and fashion you can imagine. The website and web content is very informative, which is good because you do need to navigate through a bit of it before you purchase, or else you will not know what you are buying. As soon as you submit a query or a quote submission, they will get back to you very quickly. One of the things they do well is getting back to you very quickly. The biggest usability factor for many websites it its navigation, and luckily, this website has great navigation. You are able to find what you want very quickly and easily.


Their prices are better than the best and all whilst working to your chosen deadline as per your request. You will not need to pay as much for a lower scoring paper that only need a passing grade. They also charge you more if you want a higher level paper as oppose to something a less qualified person could write. It is going to cost less cash if you are going to order fewer pages, as it is less work for the writer. Enter your project details into the project quote tool, and index, and get a quote for your project according to what you typed into the tool. A longer due date is set to cost you less cash, as they do not have to pay their writers as much for longer deadlines.

Discounts and Freebies

You get a discount on your first order. All you have to do is type in the discount code helpThe discount is a handsome 20%, which is not the biggest starter discount, but it is more than most offer. You technically get one fifth of the price knocked off of your first order, which is very good if you are a cash-strapped student who is trying to make ends meet and stay on top of college work. You can get the 5% discount if your writing project is between 1-51 pages. Get a sensible ten percent discount assuming that you request 51-100 pages. Order yourself 101+ pages, and you get the fifteen percent discount.

Support for customers

The site is full of data and information that you can use to answer most of your questions. Rather than reaching the support staff over the phone or by email, you can take a gander at what is present on the site first. The answers you are given via their support system are very well thought out and are always correct. You might contact the essay company’s support network in various ways. The least demanding method is to simply call them on the telephone and ask your question. You may wish to call them online, which you can do via the live chatting functions on the website. This will permit you to reach somebody outside of the usual working hours. Then again, you could submit your question to the website itself and get a response via email.

Additional Features

Unlike a lot of the other essay writing companies, this company employs writers who have been published. Quite a few of their writers have had their academic journal entries published. They are dissertation specialists, but they do take on other writing tasks, ranging from coursework to simple term papers. Their testimonials are worth a read, as they offer a positive insight into buying from the company. Their privacy protocols are also worth looking into, as they are very good.